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Producer, product, or customer researches in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
Companies registration on russian and ukrainian territory. Logistic services costs minimalization.


Cooperating directly with advertising agencies and publishing houses, we have negotiated attractive trade discounts for placing advertising in Russian press. We present several popular Russian media, with which we cooperate since long time. If you are interested in placing of advertisement in sectoral media or in other professional magazines please call our Service Bureau.

»Товары и Цены» Catalogue 150 pages, leading position on market, issued every week in opver 500 russian cities, CIS, Baltic Sea countries. 40 thousands offers inside.

2х2 (газета) Advertising publishing house having own advertise network. Works on Moscow teritory. every day 100 - 150 thousands newspapers is delivered to mailboxes, offices, companies. It is distributed free of charge near metro station.

Аргументы и факты МОСКОВСКАЯ БИРЖА (газета) issued in Moscow, edition near 600 thousand copies. The newspaper auditory i more than 129 thousands of people. 4 pages are given for commercials. According to statistics is read - 61% by directors, vicedirectors and management.

Аргументы и факты ЭКСПРЕСС-РЕКЛАМА (газета).( Facts and arguments ) has a record edition between every russian newspapers and magazines.

Желтые страницы Москва (справочник) - universal source of information, giving possibility to find actual data about services and products. Issued once a year with 250 thousands edition (in December).


Из рук в руки (газета) edition 85 thousands of copies with 268 pages issued every day, 30 thousands of advertisements and announcement.


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