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Producer, product, or customer researches in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
Companies registration on russian and ukrainian territory. Logistic services costs minimalization.

We are authorized representative of russian GOSSTANDART in Poland. Our company helps in obtaining certificates for products and services. Since 1999 possessing GOST-R certificate is essential to trade on russian and ukrainian markets. We strictly cooperate with russian GOSSTANDART, russian GOSSANEPIDNADZOR, GOSSTROJ FR, GOSGORTECHNADZOR FR, Russian Ministry of Health and UKRCSM - Ukraine.

Center of Certification has accreditation to certificate in GOST-R system following products:
  • electronic production
  • nutritive product
  • perfume, cosmetics
  • products made of black metals and coloured metals
  • products made of glass, porcelain, crockery, faience
  • fix-up technical products
  • clothing, fitted carpets, furs, footwear
  • toys
  • dry goods, knitwear, tissues
  • products made of timber, furniture
  • management systems

We obtain following documents:
  • GOST-R Certification for one, two or three years for serial production
  • Party freight GOST-R Certification
  • GosSanEpidNadzor certificate
  • Gostroj certification system - constructions
  • GosGorTehNadzor certification system
  • Industrial safety
  • GosGorTehNadzor
  • Fire safety Certification
  • GosPozhNadzor etc.

If You have any questions use quick contact form / call our experts, they will provide you complete information about GOST and UkrSepro. You may also read FAQ.
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