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Questions and answers

What means "Certification GOST for Serial production for 3 years " ?

Certificate Organs, accredited by GOSSTANDART, are entitled to give Certificates for serial production for 3 years. Companies which possess that certificate are able to trade on Russian market for 3 years. Special features of that certificate:
  • Every manufacturer from every country can get that Certificate.
  • Inspectors visit is sometimes required to check production process and get samples.
  • Certificate is valid only for products mentioned in a document. Products which are not included cannot be export to Russia.
  • Quality of the products and their hygienic features have to be checked to receive Certificate
  • Certificate is valid for 3 years

What means "Certification GOST for Serial production for 1 year" ?

Certificate is issued for serial production and it's valid for one year. To get that Certificate following conditions have to be fulfilled:
  • Samples have to be tested to check quality of the products (If products cannot be brought to the Laboratory, technical documentation is being checked)
  • Following documents have to be delivered: company registration, brand, copy of ISO Certificate, act from local Chamber of Commerce indicating main activities of the company.

What means "Certificate for a single delivery " ?

That Certificate is for manufacturers who arrange a single delivery to Russia. To get such Certificate samples are not required. Certificate is issue on a base of documentation. This is the cheapest option of Certification but it can be issued only if there is an appropriate customer in Russia. In certificate exact quantity of products is mentioned. That document can not be use to sell products to other customer than the one mentioned in a certificate. To get that Certificate following information have to be delivered:
  • The list of products for Certification with International Customs Tariff codes.
  • Quantity of products for delivery.
  • Technical information about products
  • Information about importing company, including address, telephone and contact person.
  • Copy of a contract.
  • Copy of an Invoice.

What means Exemption Letter

The list of products which are not a subject to obligatory certification is published by Government Customs committee twice a year. For that products Exemption Letter has to be presented. That document proves that products don't require obligatory certificate. Sometimes in a letter contract and invoice number is mentioned as well as quantity of products

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