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GOST MARK Questionsand answers

Why GOST-R certificate is necessary?

If you are going to arrange export to Russia, you have to possess GOST-R certificate. On Russian market European ISO 9000 is not a valid quality system, official standard is GOST-R which is well-known and popular among customers. Usually Certificate is necessary for customs office while crossing a border and to trade and use a product on a Russian market. That is why Russian organizations and export-companies cannot work with non-certified products. Moreover possessing Certificate for building materials is one of the most important condition for the object to be accepted by government commission. Certificate for equipment should be issued for every factory or plant and service organizations.

Is GOST-R certificate required by Russian Customs?

Yes. On 1 of October 2000 Russian Governmental Customs committee had issued an order that Certificates of Conformity are required for some of exported products and equipments. However, not all the products have to be certified. The list of the products which don't required certificate is published by Governmental Customs committee twice a year. To prove that products are not a subject to obligatory certification, special Certification Institute may issue "Exemption letter".

Is Certificate valid in other CIS countries?

Russian Certificate is valid also in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Till the middle of 80-th there was general GOSSTANDART in our country, and it was used by all the republics of ex-USSR. Now many of them continue to work with some standards from that period and Russian Certificate still has a very big value here. However, Russian GOST Certificates is not valid in Ukraine! They have own system called UkrSEPRO. All Russian and foreign manufactures, making products on the territory of CIS and Baltic countries, have to get Certificates for their products and equipment.

How to use GOST-R certificate ?

Original of certificate should be kept in a company's office. Every company should apply for fair copies (approved by Russian notary or at Russian consulate) which will be delivered to wholesalers and customers. The Certificate is being checked by Russian customs, as well in shops and wholesale stores.

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