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Fire safety certificate

Fire safety certificate - document whose confirming the compliance of the products with the fire safety in Russian Federation., rules and norms.

These requirements are defined in the Fire Safety Certification System. Legislative acts of Russian Federation, state Russian standards, regulations of fire safety, sanitary and building rules and regulations, rules of consumer services, etc. determine legal base of the assessment of conformity to the requirements of fire safety.

The Fire Safety Certificate (Certificate of Fire) on goods exported, native and imported on the territory of FR is carried out under the same rules (Fire Safety Regulations FR). Certificate of fire safety - fire certificate is compulsory to obtain a permit for importation and sale of production, subject to compulsory certification. This certification, along with other required documents must be submitted to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation. All examinations and tests that are intended to confirm conformity with the requirements of applicable law of the Russian Federation carry out only a few laboratories that have received the appropriate accreditation to carry out this specific type of research.

The Fire Certification includes: industrial, construction and business products including these imported into Russia (substances and materials, building structures, fire protection equipment, electronic and electro technical goods, their components and equipment, etc.), fire service (fire protection of buildings; fire extinguisher repair and recharging; erection, setting up, maintenance of fire protection systems etc.) Current normative documents determine fire safety requirements, testing and control methods of the product subjected to mandatory fire safety certification.


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