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   Certification for Russia
Fire safety certificate
RTN Rostekhnadzor
Ex-Proof Certification (ATEX)
Registration of medical equipment
   Certification for Ukraine
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 Press / Internet
    Legal & economic advisory

Producer, product, or customer researches in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.
Companies registration on russian and ukrainian territory. Logistic services costs minimalization.

Legal & economic advisory
Counseling for companies which begin exporton eastern markets.
- export plans,
- market analysis development,
- legal counseling,
- financial audit, financial counseling.
Legal counseling in CIS countries
- legal opinion
- company escort, preparation of legal document, memorandum of partnership composition
Verification of partners credibility
- checking current activity
- market ratings
- tax organs relations
- legal or on market financial conflicts
Registration of enterprise in Russia, on Ukraine.
- With foreign capital,
- Branch or department of a company in chosen region of Russia, Ukraine,
- Memorandum of partnership composition,
- Revenue board registration

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